Straidhavern Primary


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 Dear Parent,

 The aim of this prospectus is to give you an idea of the ethos of our school as well as the daily routine within.  By reading this, I hope that you will become more aware of what we are trying to achieve and how you, as a parent, can play a vital role in the process.

 At Straidhavern Primary School we have a clear understanding of how children learn and continually strive to provide the best possible conditions to facilitate this.  We live in a changing world and we need to prepare our children for tomorrow’s needs.  Consequently, we not only value the traditional 3Rs, but also believe that children need to be

  • Resilient

  • Reflective

  • Resourceful

We acknowledge the importance of developing a caring and stimulating environment, where children’s high self-esteem enables them to take risks in learning and to learn confidently through their mistakes.  Children need to be taught that getting ‘stuck’ is not a sign a failure and learn strategies for independence.  We encourage children to ask questions and to learn how to solve challenges and problems. 

We create conditions where children strive for excellence, empowering children to be happy and responsive.  Children are challenged within the delivery of an enriched, creative and integrated curriculum.  We are an inclusive school that develops independence, responsibility, kindness and good manners through a detailed and extensive personal, social and health education programme.

The best way to understand our school aims and values is to make an appointment to visit the school and feel our atmosphere.  This would give first hand knowledge and understanding of what we are aiming for and achieving.  Please make an appointment to come and experience the environment in which our children learn, so that we can answer any questions you may have.

We hope that this will be the beginning of a long and successful home school partnership between us.  Working closely with parents is an important element of our work for the success of each child.

We look forward to welcoming you to Straidhavern Primary School.


J. Halliday

School Aims


Every pupil is entitled to a curriculum that is balanced and promotes spiritual, moral, cultural, intellectual and physical development.

In Straidhavern Primary School, we aim to:

  • Develop and sustain a caring and happy learning environment, promoting respect and co-operation within the school community

  • Encourage children’s confidence, independence and self-esteem to develop

  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum taking account of each child’s needs

  • Develop high standards of work and behaviour

  • Enable each child to fulfil his/her potential

  • Nurture and sustain positive relationships between home and school

  • Help pupils to appreciate and respect their immediate and wider environment


Pastoral Care     

(see Child Protection policy for more details)

We will try to provide a comfortable and safe environment; we have a responsibility for each pupil’s physical and emotional well-being.  All staff will try to maintain a warm and caring environment.  Class teachers will remain alert to the pastoral needs of pupils and any concerns will be brought to the notice of the Principal.  A child protection issue will be referred to the designated teacher for child protection.

In cases of sickness or injury, school will contact parents or the person named as contact in their absence.  Teachers or supervisors will deal with mild injuries, and bump notes are sent home when a child has had a slight bump to the head.  If we feel that the injury is a little more serious, we will phone you as well.  In an extreme emergency where medical attention is critical, school will summon an ambulance to take the child to A&E at Antrim Hospital.  We will attempt to contact the parents as well.

Ill children should be at home but if your child is fit to be at school but needs medicine, we will only give it to children if the necessary paperwork has been completed (see Medication Needs policy).  If your child needs an inhaler, please make sure that there is one in the child’s bag and an extra one for the teacher to keep in an emergency.


The Curriculum

 The curriculum includes:


  • Language and Literacy

  • Mathematics and Numeracy

  • The Arts (Drama, Music, Art & Design)

  • The World Around Us

  • Personal Development and Mutual Understanding

  • Physical Education

  • Our pupils enjoy the use of interactive whiteboards in their learning

  • A good range of after school clubs

  • Spanish is taught throughout the school


The curriculum will be delivered to the level that the individual child requires within each class.


Special Needs


We aim to deliver the curriculum according to each child’s needs.  Through monitoring and assessment of children, special needs will be identified.  The class teacher will consult Special Needs teacher when it is felt that a child needs one-to-one help.  Throughout this process parents will be kept informed.  Expertise from outside the school will be used where necessary.



Monitoring of pupil’s progress takes place regularly, both formally and informally.  A detailed report in June is complemented by interviews in October and February. Children are statutorily assessed at the end of P4 and P7.  Standardised tests are used throughout the year to monitor progress.  InCAS, computer based assessment tests are administered in the autumn term for some classes.  Where problems arise, a teacher may contact the parent and parents who have concerns are asked to contact the Principal initially to arrange an appointment with the class teacher.


Pupils are required to complete homework activities.  This helps the child to study independently, provides extra practice for skills learned in class and keeps parents in touch with the child’s work (See homework policy).


We need the co-operation of parents to ensure that:

  • the child makes a real effort to complete the work

  • the child has good conditions to work in

  • the child completes the homework as independently as possible


 You can help your child by:

  • listening to reading and asking questions

  • calling out spellings

  • ensuring that homework is done without loud noise and distractions

  • giving little hints that will help a child who is having problems


 If a child is having a major problem with work, please put a note to this effect on the homework for the teacher to see.  In this way we know to address problems.

Written homework should be done for the day it is set for.  Please encourage your child to stick to the homework timetable that has been set.  Also encourage them to check all books are in their bag for school


School Uniform


Children are required to wear our school uniform:  it gives them a sense of identity and is very practical too.  Uniform consist of:

  • A blue sweatshirt with the school crest

  • A white polo shirt

  • Grey or black trousers for boys

  • Grey skirt or pinafore or grey/black trousers for girls

  • Sensible flat shoes



The School Day


Children in Primary 1 stay until 12.00 for the month of September and stay until 2pm from October onwards

Pupils in Primary 2 stay until 2pm each day

Pupils in Primary 3 stay until 3pm on Mondays and Tuesdays and finish at 2pm from Wednesday to Friday

Pupils in P4-P7 finish school at 3pm each day


Morning break is from 10.30-1045.  We operate a Healthy Break policy

Lunchtime is from 12.10-1.00 each day


Physical Education 

For P.E. children in P4-P7 change clothes and footwear while younger children change into trainers.



Children from P5-P7 have swimming lessons at the local pool under the tuition of a qualified teacher.  No Jewellery is to be worn in the pool and long hair must be tied back.  Girls are requested to wear swimsuits, not bikinis and children with long hair should wear a swimming cap.


Cycling Proficiency

In the third term, P6/7 children have the opportunity to complete a cycling course in school and to learn about road signs and their meanings.  This is a very important life skill to have a certificate is awarded to those who complete the course successfully.


Music Tuition

Children from P4 onwards can be selected to learn to play an instrument under the tuition of a peripatetic tutor.  There is a fee for this tuition as well as a small charge for the loan of an instrument.  Children have the opportunity to enter music exams and play at events.


Good News Club

Two members of staff run a Good News Club on Thursdays after school.  They teach Bible stories in a fun way through Bible verses, songs, drama and operate a lending library.  Once a year, a residential is organised for older pupils who attend the club and they have an exciting time involved in outdoor pursuits.


 Breakfast Club

We run a breakfast club each morning where the children can get their breakfast and are fully supervised by two members of staff.  


After School Clubs

We have a variety of clubs on offer throughout the year.  They include:

  • Irish dancing

  • Football

  • Computer

  • Gardening Club

  • Tag rugby

  • Athletics

  • Cookery

  • Hand Craft club

  • Hockey

Bus service

 We have our own bus fitted with seatbelts and the same driver each day. Children are transported safely and with a friendly, familiar face.  Transport is free!

Admission Criteria


In the event of the school being oversubscribed, pupils of compulsory school age will be admitted according to the following criteria, applied in the following order:


P1 intake


  1. Pupils who have attained compulsory school age at the time of their proposed admission.

  2. Pupils who have a brother or sister currently enrolled in the school. 

  3. Pupils who reside in the school’s natural catchment area.

  4. Pupils who are the children of permanent members of staff, ancillary staff or school governors.

  5. Pupils who are children of past pupils of the school.


Induction Procedures for P1 Children


All parents of prospective Primary 1 children are encouraged to visit the school to talk to the Principal and see for themselves what we offer.

 In May, we have an induction day for parents and children to meet the teacher and sample some activities and materials on offer.


 Parents who wish their children to transfer to Straidhavern Primary from another school should phone the school to arrange an appointment with the Principal in order to view the school premises and discuss the child’s needs.


Calling all parents

Are you looking for a school for your child that;


Is small and has a friendly atmosphere

Is pro-active

Uses technology to enhance learning

Has excellent pastoral care

Has a superb record of providing Special needs

Provides an excellent pupil teacher ratio

Teaches Spanish throughout the school


Is in a safe rural setting

Has supervised buses with dedicated drivers and seatbelts


You will find all of this…and more…in Straidhavern Primary




Contact Mrs. Halliday on 028 90 825530




Complaints Procedure


In the event of a parent wishing to make a complaint about any matter, initial contact should be with the Principal so that the matter may be discussed.  If the parent is not satisfied then a written complaint should be made to the Principal.


If the matter is still not resolved, a written complaint should be sent to the Secretary of the Board of Governors of the school.  The Governors will respond as quickly as possible following their convened meeting.


If the matter remains unresolved, the complaint should then be referred in writing to:


Primary Schools Branch

North Eastern Education and Library Board

County Hall

182 Galgorm Road




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